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Apartment where Ernest Hemingway lived to go up for sale in Toronto

TORONTO — An apartment briefly occupied by Ernest Hemingway at the end of his tenure in Toronto is about to go up for sale.

The writer lived in the midtown unit for about six months at the end of 1923 and beginning of 1924, several years after he originally moved to the city in 1920.

The director of programming at Heritage Toronto says Hemingway was working as a journalist for the Toronto Star at the time, having just returned from acting as their European correspondent.

Kaitlin Wainwright says Hemingway showed some contempt for the city at that point, finding it bland in comparison to other cities he’d lived in like Paris and Chicago.

But she says the midtown neighbourhood he called home was something of an incubator for artists in the first half of the 20th century — Morley Callaghan, Emma Goldman and Glenn Gould also lived in the area.

Listing agent Andrew Harrild of says Hemingway paid $85 a month for the apartment, which is about to be listed for $730,000 with monthly condo fees of $911.

The Canadian Press

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