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Start The New Year With a New Kitchen and Bathroom

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If you have a been dreaming about a new kitchen or bathroom getting a jump on the design process early in the year can be a wise decision. If you have ever tried to find a good contractor during the spring, you already know how hard it is, plus not to mention that the permit office backs up and slows down to a near full stop.

Renovations are meant to be exciting but can become very stressful, very quickly without the proper planning. So this year give yourself a head start by starting to think about your spring project early. Get equipped with the tools and knowledge that will make it a great experience, and give you time to answer some very important questions.

What Projects Do Your Want To Complete?

Designing and planning your project usually takes a significant amount of time depending on what you are looking to do. The holidays are a perfect to start to mentally prepare for your project as you enjoy the festivities with friends and family your home will likely be utilized to its maximum making all the problems you have with your home very apparent. Take notes of these problems and bring your concerns with you when you start the design process.

Should I Do More Than One Project At A Time?

There is potential cost saving by doing more than one project at a time, but whether you want to tackle them all at once is another story. Renovations can interrupt your regular daily life quite a bit, so there are advantages to just getting it done all at once to
limit these inconveniences. But doing more projects still means the budget will go up making the available saving out of reach and limiting the size of the project.
Premiers professionally trained interior designers will walk you through these options and help you make well-informed decisions.

How Much Do I Need To Budget, and Is Financing Available?

Budgeting for your project is one of the most important parts of the planning process, and many homeowners don’t know the options for financing their renovations. There are special programs that allow you to add up to 95% of the construction cost right into
your mortgage. These types of programs take a little time to get approved and arranged but if you add your current budget plus some financing you may just be able to get slightly more done than you thought you could or even upgrade to some nicer finishes (Granite, here we come)

What Permits Do I Need?

One of the biggest setbacks when it comes to renovations and new construction is the acquisition of Permits as they can take a long time based on any number of factors. By utilizing a design-build approach and having a set of finalized construction drawings you can submit early and get ahead of the rush. Not only will this make your experience less stressful it will also ensure a smooth construction phase with no major disruptions to your timeline. Permits can take up to 8 weeks depending on how busy the city is, and they are usually addressed in the order they are received so being the early bird is ideal. You can start to think about and have a chance think about your next project. Premiers project managers, construction teams, and interior designers all work together under one roof so that there is nothing you have to worry about, like permits.

Who Do I Contract First; Contractor or Designer?

The first step is speaking with a designer, but once you have a plan, you will need to meet with contractors and submit your permits to the city for approval. At Premier we can design and build your project without you having to bring in or find your own contractor. This saves you a lot of time and ensures that the contractor is qualified to execute the design to the specifications in the plan. With permits approved, construction drawings finalized, materials on site and a project kick-off meeting, Premier with our Design Build approach can turn around your fully realized space in as little as four weeks. This means the actual construction is the easiest and shortest part should of the entire project.

Premiers professionally trained interior designers help you make well-informed decisions and educate you on what your options are. Planning is vital and the earlier you do it, the better. It allows you more time to make revisions, and arrange financing if required making the construction on your home that much smoother.

A renovation doesn’t have to be terrifying especially if it’s your first one; proper planning and education can turn what seem like a mountain into a molehill.

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