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ENGAGE Account Setup

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The profile is used to generate your personalized affiliate links. It's also used as the linkage between's back-end processing and the Salesforce database that stores lead and account information. 

In order for STREAM5 Social services to work correctly, the profile must exist, and the username/nickname must match the expected value within Salesforce. 

Registration/Logging In

As a spam prevention measure, profiles must be activated before the username and password will be released to the user. After logging in, open the activation e-mail from Wordpress/ClearHome, and click the link found therein. The link will take you to a page that shows your userID and password, in addition to e-mailing the information to you

Once you have your username and password, you're now able to log in. There are several ways to get to your profile

  1. Navigate to and log in
  2. Go to one of your tagged affiliate links (from the daily link e-mail), click your name near the right side, and sign in to modify your profile
  3. Go to and find the login widget near the bottom-left of the page

Once in your Dashboard, click on Profile. 

Modifying your Profile

Feel free to customize this to your liking, adding links to your social media, and filling out your Biography - note that the biography will appear on affiliate links below your headshot.

There is one exception 

Do Not Change The Nickname

The Nickname field is the source of the data linkage between Salesforce and If the Nickname is changed to anything other than what Salesforce expects, affiliate links will not display profile, headshot or contact information. 

Profile Image/Headshot

One field you can ignore is the Gravatar image. A recent change to Wordpress allows us to upload our own profile pictures as opposed to using the Gravatar. To change your profile picture, click on the Extended Profile tab, and click the Upload Profile Picture link. You then have the option of uploading a profile picture of your choice, cropping and re-sizing the image and defining it as your profile picture. 

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Course Structure

Engage Social - Profiles

Logging into

Modifying your profile

Uploading your headshot/profile picture

Do not change the nickname field

Engage Social – ClearHome Image Requirements

An explanation of what images we need for your Stream5 Account, what we use them for, and format/resolution guidelines.

Engage – Account Setup

Confirming Account, Contact and User information on first logging into the Salesforce STREAM5 CRM.

Exporting Your Contacts

Today we'll be covering how to export your Salesforce Contact records to your computer's hard drive. 


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