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Engage Social – ClearHome Image Requirements

Lesson 2

In this lesson, we're going to go over some tips and best practices when it comes to submitting images for your stream five account.

Before we go into specifics, a general rule of thumb when submitting images, submit the largest, highest quality image that you can find.

Don't worry about any editing or cropping will take care of that on our end.

Specifically, when setting up your STREAM5 account, we ask for your:

  • Headshot
  • Company Logo
  • Signature
  • Featured Image

So let's go over why we need these.

Company Logo

The company logo is found on the cover of all report that we create for you. It is one of the first things a client will see and it is important to be a high-quality version.


This report includes a letter from you to your client. When we're referring to your signature, we're referring to a scan or a photograph of your actual handwritten signature, not your email signature.


The easiest way to send us a copy of you signature is to take a picture of your signature on a blank piece of white paper.

Quick Tips

1. Try to keep the light consistent

2. Try to fill as much of the signature as you can on the screen

3. Send us the full image, regardless of it's size 

Featured Image

The feature image is your chance to show your personalty, who you are, and provide a bit of an insight into you or your team. However, it can be almost anything you like.

Here are a few samples:


Hildebrand,Tyler - Featured Image - Saskatoon
Mathieu Fugere - Family
Lacroix,Tim-Featured Image-Calgary

If you choose not to supply one, we will use the following stock image:

You will find the featured image on the last page of the report:

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