Account Setup

Exporting Your Contacts

Lesson 9

Hello, and welcome. Today we'll be covering how to export your Contact records to your computer's hard drive. 

After logging into Salesforce, navigate to your Home screen.

Click on "Reports" along the top navigation bar.

The Report you're looking for is [S5] Contacts - All-Time.

If this is your first time pulling up this report, click on "All Reports", then click on the "Report Name" heading to sort the list to make the report easier to find.  Otherwise, the report should be in your Recent Items list. 

Once you have the report open, click on the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the "Edit" button on the top-right corner, then select "Export"

Leave the Encoding selection at its default setting, but select your desired Format. Your choices will be either Excel (XLS), or Comma Separated Values (CSV)

Click Export and your report will appear in your computer's Downloads folder.

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