Account Setup

Engage – Account Setup

Lesson 4


STREAM5 Connect and Engage subscribers also gain access to the Salesforce CRM - this includes login access to the back-end database, and the ability to manage contact and mortgage information through our Salesforce CRM Application. CRM Users will also have access to manage some aspects of their STREAM5 subscription, as well as to exclusive custom reports for both brokers and customers. There are, however, some pieces of information you will need to verify as correct before you dive in and start using the system

Logging in

To log in, navigate to:


Navigation, Favourites and Searching

Searching for records can always be done at the top-centre of the Salesforce webpage. When searching, make sure to enter at least three characters for the search function to work most effectively. Each Object type has a different icon to its left to indicate the Object or record type in question

Account: Office Buildings

Contact: ID Card

User: Headshot. 

It's best practice to favourite any records that you will be accessing regularly. The Favourite icon can be found near the top-right of the Salesforce page - it's the button with the star icon. The arrow next to the Favourite icon will pull up a list of all favourited records. 

Your Account Record

Ensure that the following fields on your Account Record are correct:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Name (Should be your full legal name)
  • Email Address
  • Primary Contact (should be your Contact record)

If you subscribe to STREAM5 Social, you should also check the following

  • Image URLS
  • Auto-Share Day Preferences

Your Contact Record

The following fields on your Contact Record must be verified

  • Email Address
  • Account Name (should match the Account record above)

Your User Record

The following field on your User Record needs to be verified

  • Email Address

In the case of any data discrepancy between the Account, the Contact and the User Record, the Account record will be treated as the "source of truth"

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